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No matter how much we disapprove of this but it is still true, men see some women as “wife material” and others not so much. So you’ll ask “what makes the difference?”. To keep a guy devoted and help him know that you’re the only one for him, here’s how to be the woman every man wants to marry.

  1. Do nice things for him. Men are usually expected to do all the hard work of planning dates and getting gifts. A man would really appreciate it if you pamper him, give him genuine compliments and show him you appreciate him.
  2. Looks do matter, so look the part. You don’t always have to look picture-perfect, we all have our bad hair days, but men love it when you’re well put together and looking amazing.
  3. Show how much you support and believe in him. It matters a lot when a man feels that his woman trusts in him and his abilities instead of being distant or judging him.
  4. Don’t be clingy. Even after marriage, a couple will thrive if they maintain their own separate lives. Men appreciate it when you give them their space, it shows you’re serious about them.
  5. Be there for him even if he’s not willing to talk. Most men don’t talk about their problems even when they’re stressed. But just by being there by his side and being present, a guy will feel supported and cared for.
  6. Men like paying for you and taking you out but they appreciate a girl who can get along on her own and offers to pay every once in a while. It shows him you’re independent, can handle your money (wise about spending) and that you’re not using him.
  7. Do the things that he likes doing for a change. We know you usually drag him to see a chick flick and you go to all your favorite restaurants but try to do an activity that he likes for a change. Watch a football match with him, play video games or go bowling.
  8. Plan ahead and don’t be afraid to bring up the future, but leave room for spontaneity. Don’t start talking about marriage too early or putting conditions on your relationship. That turns a man off.
  9. Be confident. How do you expect someone to love you if you don’t even love yourself? Don’t obsess over your insecurities and let them go. A man will love you just the way you are no matter what.
  10. Take care of him. Bring him lunch on a very busy day when he hasn’t had any food. Make him his favorite dessert yourself. Stuff like this shows a man he can count on you to make him feel better after a long day.
  11. Ask for his help and advice on serious things. Yes, an independent woman is attractive but men still like to feel needed. Still, try not to appear helpless and desperate, it’s unattractive.
  12. Get to know his family and friends. Even if he doesn’t know it, a man will see you in a different light when you get along with his family. If you got his friends’ approval too then double whammy!
  13. Admit it when you’re wrong and apologize. No one likes people who never admit they’re wrong because they think too highly of themselves. Swallow your pride and say sorry when it’s necessary.
  14. Be grateful and show him you appreciate what he does for you. Nothing makes a man happier than knowing they’ve done something that makes you really happy.
  15. Be flexible, laid-back and spontaneous but not reckless. Men fall for a woman who knows her worth and doesn’t seek external approval. They love a woman who’s relaxed and not looking for attention.
  16. Avoid unnecessary drama. Drama queens end up as crazy cat ladies. Sorry, not sorry. If you dip deep into drama on a regular basis then no healthy man is going to want to be your husband. Harsh, but true.
  17. Open your heart to him and let him know and understand you on a deeper level. A man doesn’t want to marry a woman he barely knows.
  18. Don’t hide your true intentions. If you want marriage or if you want to focus on your career for a few years then be upfront about it from the start.
  19. Always work on yourself and your relationship. If you neglect to work on yourself you show them how not serious you are. By showing constant improvement you set an example for how the future of your relationship will be.
  20. Be forgiving. Men often don’t understand us or what we want so they tend to make a lot of mistakes. We’re not saying immediately push down your feelings and forgive it but don’t hold it against him each time you fight.
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